Visit UNFPA programs in the field!

Witnessing UNFPA’s work in person is a transformative and illuminating experience. Guided by Friends of UNFPA and UNFPA staff, delegates develop an in-depth perspective on UNFPA’s lifesaving work to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. We offer an intimate experience, with no more than 12 delegates per trip.

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Friends of UNFPA Delegation to Ghana
October 13-21, 2012

Ghana, Africa’s golden child, is a peaceful and economically prosperous country. Ghana has benefited from a long period of stability and has a strong set of policies in favor of maternal and reproductive health. However, the maternal mortality rate is still too high (350 deaths per 100,000 live births) and only half of all births are attended by skilled personnel. The disparities between pregnant women in urban and rural areas and between those who are educated and uneducated are reflected in the women’s access to health centers and to skilled birth attendants.

UNFPA launched its Ghana program in 1972, and it remains one of the Fund’s largest programs in West Africa. Our delegation will consist of 5 full working days that include informational briefings, site visits conducted in a sensitive and respectful way, guest speakers, and group discussions. We will make 2-3 site visits daily to programs supported with funds and technical assistance from UNFPA and operated by either the government of Ghana or local non-profit organizations. To view the itinerary, please click here.

Past Trips

On our Friends of UNFPA Leadership Delegation to Malawi we explore the good work the UNFPA is doing to protect the rights and health of Malawi’s women and children. We meet tribal dignitaries, government ministers, ambassadors, United Nations executives and UNFPA field workers. All contribute to a broad overview of Malawi’s women and family issues, the UNFPA projects set up to support them, and the very real conditions under which these vulnerable women and children abide. Armed with a broader comprehension of the issues at stake, it is easier to perceive what is necessary to alleviate hardship. Such travel experiences are frequently uplifting and sometimes truly inspiring. All are genuine. Immerse yourself in Malawi; its warm and welcoming people, diverse wildlife, and dramatic scenery, and absorb the mighty rhythms of Africa. The diversity of scenery, experiences, activities combine to make Malawi a fascinating place.

The dramatic scenery and culturally rich highlands of central Guatemala are unique. Verdant forests, fertile loamy soil, beautiful cratered lakes and volcanic peaks accent a land where ancient Mayan traditions are part of contemporary life. But all is not perfect in this natural paradise, for amidst the Mayan and Spanish colonial towns poverty and disease are endemic to large sections of the population. In contemporary Guatemala there are many problems for women and children. The causes are numerous: poverty, the lack of family planning and health services.

With a geography that is often stunning, frequently beautiful and always a surprise, Ethiopia's highland isolation has produced a truly distinctive culture and a population immediately recognizable for their noble features. Ethiopia is the world's oldest Christian country, with rites and ceremonies as recognizably Judaic as Christian. thiopians have a close-knit and traditional culture, personal identity is strong; their sense of self robust. The obverse side of tradition is cultural taboo. In contemporary Ethiopia there are many problems for women and children, including one of the highest maternal death rates in the world. The causes are numerous: poverty, early marriage, genital mutilation, the lack of family planning and health services. In fact half of Ethiopia's population has no access to any medical services what so ever. 

Uganda and Rwanda
This delegation explores key issues facing women in Africa—maternal death, HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender equality. The delegation will also trek for mountain gorillas in the Parcs de Nationale Volcans in Rwanda.

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Laos and Cambodia:
Delegates will tour fascinating UNFPA sites in Laos and Cambodia with a focus on health services for youth and ethnic minorities, promoting gender equality and preventing HIV/AIDS. The delegation concludes with a visit to the majestic temples of Angkor Wat.

Site visits in Nepal will highlight UNFPA’s women’s health initiatives, youth programs, and work with women in post conflict settings. Delegates will also visit amazing tourist attractions including Swayambunath temple and trek to view the Himalayan Mountains.


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