International Honoree

Provincial Coordinator,
Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center

Ket Noeun seeks justice for women and girls in Cambodia who have survived trafficking, domestic violence and rape. Beloved by those she fights for, Noeun engages police and other authorities to partner with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC) to reduce violence in women’s lives and hold perpetrators accountable.

Noeun was raised by her father after her mother died. She determined early to become selfsufficient and was trained in sewing and embroidery. Following the Khmer Rouge period, her instincts to protect and care for victims drove her career as a social justice advocate. She got involved in trauma relief efforts with the Komai Women’s Association, raising funds for women with newborns and securing proper burials for the elderly.

To her role at CWCC, Noeun brings 25 years experience providing social services for women and girls. At CWCC, victims find shelter and safety for the duration of their legal proceedings. CWCC provides counseling, vocational training, legal support and education to build survivors’ skills and prepare them to create a more rewarding life. With help from UNFPA, Noeun and CWCC offer start-up capital to enable women leaving the center to start small businesses and become financially independent.

Noeun’s success in empowering women, girls and the authorities has attracted negativity and threats from perpetrators, but this has not slowed her pursuit of women’s right to lead safe, peaceful and financially stable lives.