Celebrating our Five Student Ambassadors for the Health & Dignity of Women

From 2007-2011 Friends of UNFPA (formerly Americans for UNFPA) recognized one student annually who demonstrated potential for a long-term commitment to women’s health and the promotion of women’s rights.  Each winner had the opportunity to travel abroad to visit UNFPA funded programs.  Thanks to a partnership with Marie Claire each student live blogged on MarieClaire.com.   As winners of our student award, these Ambassadors hosted events, lobbied on Capitol Hill, participated in forums, and mentored one another as they advanced in their academic and professional pursuits. The award program will not be offered in 2012.

In fall 2011, Friends of UNFPA, alongside many individuals, NGOs, corporations and UN partners, joined forced with UNFPA to raise awareness and support for 7 Billion Actions, a global movement for all humanity. 

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, UNFPA’s Executive Director is deeply committed to engaging youth in empowerment opportunities.  In 2011, he launched 7BillionActions.org an online portal to connect individuals young and old to one another and to foster dialogue to promote a healthy and sustainable future for all of us.

We encourage past student award winners and applicants and new website visitors to join 7 Billion Actions, as a way to increase your involvement and awareness.

Share your story now, on 7 Billion Actions.

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Friends of UNFPA’s Fabulous Five

2011 Student Award Winner

Name: Tara Suri

School: Harvard University

Travelled to: Sierra Leone (Read her blog from Sierra Leone at Marie Claire.)

Aspirations: "Innovative and effective programming focused on women’s leadership and empowerment never ceases to inspire me. I am particularly passionate about providing women and girls worldwide with educational opportunities because I believe in its power to transform women and communities."  ...Learn More


2010 Student Award Winner

Name: Odunola Ojewumi

School: University of Maryland College Park

Travelled to: Guatemala

Aspirations: “I personally believe the voice of one person can spark a flame that will eventually change the way people think and act, and compel others to take action. Give me the opportunity to spread my voice for this organization.”  ...Learn More


2009 Student Award Winner

Name: Nicole Marie Paprocki

School: Loyola University

Travelled to: Bangaladesh

Aspirations: "I believe that in order to make a meaningful contribution, an individual must have the courage to transcend not only boundaries on a map, but also the boundaries our society has created—for women, for minorities, and for the poor." ...Learn More


2008 Student Award Winner

Name: Fatima Hassan

School: Stanford University

Travelled to: Rwanda & Uganda

Aspirations: "I hopes to organize community efforts to promote alternative traditional ceremonies to replace female genital cutting, a common rite of passage for Somali women and plans to conduct research of the access of fistula patients to treatment facilities."  ...Learn More


2007 Student Award Winner

Name: Michaela Maynard

School: University of Rhode Island

Travelled to: Malawi

Aspirations: "I intend to gain degrees in both Global Public Health and Medicine. My education and my experiences will allow me to play a vital role in improving global healthcare. I aspire to be a leader in the fight to support women’s rights and reproductive health." ...Learn More


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